Reusable Eco-Friendly Straw (Stainless Steel)

Reusable Eco-Friendly Straw (Stainless Steel)

These straws are made of top food grade stainless steel. They are BPA Free, Lead Free, no metal aftertaste, no oxidation, and they are reusable. These straws are extremely durable, dishwasher safe, hand washable, rust and scratch proof. This set of stainless steel straws can be used for years to come - replacing hundreds or thousands of plastic straws.

This set comes with one Pre-bent as well as one straight straws . These tall straws are perfect for drinking cold beverages, cocktails, coffee, iced tea, soda or any other liquid drinks.

This set also comes with1 special scrub brush so you can clean your straws more easily and never worry about hurting your straws. You can also hang the brush easily by its annulus at the end.

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