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Ho'ola Ana ( Healing Jewelry)

Ho'ola Ana ( Healing Jewelry)
Larimar (Papahonua)
 Amazonite (Ola kino, Laki maika’i)
Amethysts (Kalele Ana, Maika’i)
Rose Quartz (Aloha Lokahi)
Peach moonstone (Mana Wahine)

Ho'ola Ana comes in 5 different healing bracelets that can help to bring the spirits of the islands to any place you are.  Each piece is blessed by the warm tranquil waters of Hawaii.

Rose Quartz, (Aloha Lokahi) is known as the stone of universal love. These stones are known to restore trust, harmony in relationships and encourages unconditional love. Rose Quartz is known to purify and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and brings feelings of peace.

Amethysts (Kalele Ana, Maika’i) is known as a natural tranquilizer.  It relieves and soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. It can also alleviate sadness, grief, and dissolves negativity. The Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

Peach moonstone (Mana Wahine) has long been known for its calming and soothing qualities on the emotional body. Its energy is balancing and healing, assisting in the mastery of emotions by bringing them under control, rather than expressing or repressing them.

Larimar (Papahonua) is known to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. Larimar promotes peace, clarity, radiating healing and love energy.

Amazonite (Ola kino, Laki maika’i) is known as the soothing stone.  It calms the mind and nervous system, bringing and maintaining optimum health.  This stone is said to help in seeing both sides of a problem. It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear.  Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within the nervous system.  Amazonite assists in manifesting universal love.  It protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves.


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